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Moon Vase

"In an ancient palace in the desert rests the Moon Vase. Remembered by many as a long-forgotten relic, it is said to contain Moon Essence. It is not known the exact powers that this essence can provide, but it was an highly seeked treasure by powerful people and adventurers. Nowadays it is only spoken of in stories, sometimes mentioned in legends and scriptures of old. However, it seems this rare vessel is being seeked once again..."

The Moon Vase is from a collab project called The Sands of Assets, which is essentially a on-going side project created by me and Ivo Ratinho. We had this idea of putting our skills into good use, taking the best of each us and see what was the best thing we could do. We were also interested in working with other people and creating stylized 3d game assets. The Sands of Assets is what came out of it!

I did both the concept art and the handpainted textures.

Ivo Ratinho: