Assassin Moth
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Procreate Character Design Timelapse | Assassin Moth

Assassin Moth

My entry for the Character Design Challenge of August! The theme was insect warrior.
As I developed this moth as a game character, I put a lot of thought into their skills, strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind gameplay and letting it guide the design.

A little bit about this character: they fight using tactics of deception and illusion, and a lot of stealth. Using daggers to silently kill, smoke bombs to land unnoticed, poisonous and hallucinogenic dust to use on enemies while taking advantage of the patterns on their big wings to paralyze them in fear. They are part of one of the Insect's Kingdoms and were trained to infiltrate the Arachnids defenses and bring an edge - or even victory - to their side of the war.

It was very exciting to work on this assassin and loved seeing all the entries! Gotta thank for all the precious feedback I've received in this journey, truly appreciate it. Thank you!

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